Project Runway – Titan Airways’ New Uniform

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We at Field Grey are very proud to announce the official launch of Titan Airways’ brand spanking new Field Grey-designed cabin crew uniform.

We worked very closely with the lovely folk at Titan in order to design and develop a uniform that was not only functional and fabulous, but that really reflected the airline’s impressively high standards of service.

Both male and female cabin crew sport sharp tailoring that features delicate, thoughtful references to the Titan brand. Fitted female jackets are finished with patterned purple buttons whilst male blazers feature  purple buttonholes which match their silk ties. Beautiful tailored dresses were designed and made especially for the Titan crew as an alternative to a skirt and shirt ensemble. Skirts were fitted with a special shirt-gripper around the waist, ensuring that the crew can be happy in the knowledge that their uniform is working with them when they’re opening overhead lockers – and not against them!

We had the cabin crew’s luxurious mulberry-coloured leather gloves specially made in a traditional British glove factory and had smart handbags manufactured in the same purple hue.

What we thought was a really special touch, and one that the staff at Titan totally deserve, was the creation of a bespoke print that was designed in-house at Field Grey exclusively for Titan. This Titan print contrasts deep purple hues against soft lilac, and features on the silk print scarves of the female cabin crew.

The staff look wonderful in their new uniform, see for yourself at

We’re on cloud nine.

Virgin America go Bananas

Those lucky lads and lasses at Virgin America sure are in for a lovely treat. Last week San Francisco-based label Banana Republic unveiled their new uniforms for the Virgin America crew and we at Field Grey reckon that airline staff around the globe are going to be more than just a little bit jealous.


Banana Republic’s range of no-frills Virgin America uniforms is inspired, rather than obsessed, by the world of aviation. The result is a clean, modern collection tied together by the colours of Virgin America, which becomes ever more apparent when the crew model their new threads in the Virgin America lounge – see picture for proof that the colours match. Female flight attendants are gifted with luxurious leather jackets and cheeky red trench coats – simultaneously smart, practical and sexy – and the outfits are designed to be customisable through reversible belts and optional neckties. We love the ‘professional traveller’ feel of the new uniform and although a tiny part of us mourns the traditional embroidery and heavy decoration of a good ol’ fashioned pilot’s uniform, BR’s understated pilot is a brave move into modernity (he’s the guy in the middle by the way).


As well as looking super chic, Field Grey is pleased to report that the uniform has been designed with day-to-day activities of the cabin crew firmly in mind. Shirts have a little extra length so that they stay tucked in when flight attendants reach up to store items in the overhead locker, and skirts and trousers also feature a little rubberised grip to properly secure them in place – meaning minimal risk of your delicious in-flight meal being served with a side of tummy.

With a cracking new uniform that is both fashionable and functional, we bet Virgin America’s crew are on cloud nine. ­­(Sorry).

And if you’re thinking about filling in a flight attendant application form just to get in on the action then never fear – Banana Republic are launching a travel themed autumn collection in-flight and in selected US stores on August 7th 2012.

If you really can’t get enough of these new uniforms you may well want to travel back in time via YouTube to March 2012 when Virgin America hosted a fashion show debuting Banana Republic’s ‘Mad Man’ collection – at 35,000ft, on an actual flying Virgin America plane, with actual passengers (and a few lucky bloggers). Come fly with BR? We would.

Say Hello To Pan Am

Following on from the success of Mad Men, BBC2 has recently launched ‘Pan Am’, a brand new television drama based on the lives of iconic airline’s pilots and cabin crew. Set in 1960s New York, with an ex-Pan Am stewardess as executive producer and a pilot episode costing $10 million it is sure to make fascinating viewing.

Established in 1927 in Key West, Pan Am was a small airline with a focus on quality, style and reliability. From this simple formula sprouted an astonishing worldwide success. With the airline’s celebrity peaking in the swinging sixties, Pan Am was undoubtedly benefiting from the rise of the ‘jet era’ – but it went beyond that. Pan Am’s shrewd use of design proliferated their glamorous reputation using the very best of mid century modern design. The airline collaborated with recognised fashion designer Edith Head to produce their uniforms and first class passengers were even given a ‘Pan Am bag’, an item that rose to cult status due to the abundance of celebrities and rock stars flying Pan Am. The pilots wings were even filled with gold!

The Pan Am brand denotes a style and sex appeal that is no longer associated with flying. This is perhaps best portrayed in the familiar scene in Catch Me If You Can, in which eight glamorous girls in Pan Am uniforms signify Leonardo Dicaprio’s ‘successful’ new life (pictured below).
The popularity of budget airlines and the infamous ‘cattle class’ is now the norm. With the glamour of flying Pan Am seemingly unattainable to many in current climates, ‘Pan Am’ gives a delicious insight into the most desirable departures in aviation history.

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Christina Ricci stars in new drama 'Pan Am'

Pan Am's uniform, designed by 60s fashion designer Edith Head

Edith Head's Pan Am uniform in the early 1970s

Leonardo DiCaprio posing as a Pan Am pilot in cult film 'Catch Me if You Can'

A gold-filled Pan Am wing badge, by Balfour